Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bedroom Makeover Part II

We've been busy over the holidays!! It's still a work in progress, so I can't show any final results yet, but we've made some impressive improvements.

We started with checking the state of the floors by lifting the carpet. We weren't sure if maybe the carpet was covering up something, or if there was even a full floor of hardwood underneath. Since it's an old home that has been divided up into apartments, you never know what you might find. So we lifted all the corners (as much as possible, but so that we could put it back if we had to) and found gorgeous hardwood everywhere!

Once we had established that, we put the carpet back down so we wouldn't have to cover the floors while painting. Since there we so many holes in the walls, we started with repairs. We also took down the window treatments and filled those holes and painted the ceiling while the filler was drying.

Because we wanted to clean off the hardware and hinges on the doors, we decided to just take them out. Oh yeah, and did I mention we had some holes in the walls?!

After the filler was sanded down and the ceiling, the woodwork (windows, doors, etc.) and the heater were painted and dry, it was finally time for the walls. All the preparations and repairs are a lot of work, but don't really show much progress, but painting the walls is so rewarding! By the time we got to that stage, things went so quickly.

And finally, the big moment of taking out the carpet (and a million staples!) - beautiful floors!!! I couldn't be happier. We finished the baseboards and cleaned everything up, but that's about it for now. The husband is back to work and I need to figure out how we're going to furnish and decorate this room (and how we're going to arrange for the little one to join us in there).


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Not there yet, but excited about the progress!!

  2. Wow, great progress! What an awesome surprise with the hardwood floors, and I love the wall colour you chose. Our bedroom is also grey and it is so calming :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I'm so in love with the wall colour and its contrast with the floors!! It's quite dark, but the room is big and light enough to handle it.