Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 2014!

Yesss 2014 is here, I couldn't be more excited and ready for it!! For us, 2013 was demanding, requiring a lot of input while giving back little. Struggles with health, immigration and work made things challenging at times, but we have left the worst of that behind us. Now it's time for new beginnings and new plans.

This year brings some wonderful things to look forward to and has love and family as its main characters. In March we are expecting our first baby! We feel beyond blessed and don't think words could describe our happiness and excitement. It's always been my dream to become a mother and to be able to start a family with the most amazing person I've ever met, has already made for an incredible experience.

Especially during the first half of the year, both the husband and I will be very busy. So one of my goals will be to make sure we really enjoy our moments together and spend quality time whenever we can. I also hope I will see more of my family and friends who live far away. With my parents coming for a visit in March, we're definitely making a great start, but we also aim to travel to Europe at least once this year.

Some personal things I want to focus on this year are to spend more time with my camera and challenge myself in taking better pictures - now that I got a new camera lens for Christmas… no more excuses! I want to teach myself how to knit and hopefully create some simple and cute baby things. Also, I want to try sewing!! Maybe get some tips from my pro-seamstress sisters in law and start with some basic projects. I love anything to do with home and decorating and want to continue improving things around the house with DIY projects. And last but not least, I'm really enjoying blogging so far (not even a month in, but still…) so I'm hoping to keep that up and continue to share about all the things I love.

Happy new year to all of you!!!

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